About Me

Welcome to my humble domain on the wonderful world wide web (who doesn’t love a little alliteration?)! I’m Amy, a married GenXer (or Xennial is the new hip term for the small slice of my in-between generation) with 3 beautiful daughters and 1 adorable son. I hold undergraduate and graduate degrees in Psychology but stopped practicing before having my third daughter in 2012.

She was born with rare birth defects that we were not aware of prior. She required extensive surgeries, inpatient stays and of course, money. It was hard to watch her struggle for survival, to change our entire idea of what parenthood looks like. But you sign up for the unknown when you choose to have a child. She’s nothing short of a miracle and she has changed our lives substantially.

I never went back to the traditional workforce after her birth. I was officially a stay-at-home mom to 3 kids (now 4) whose primary job was helping my baby thrive. That does create some financial constraints, but living on one income is doable! This blog documents how we’ve done it.

To teach is to learn again and this is as much for me as it is for everyone following along. So thanks for reading and keeping me on track!


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