For Your Meal Plan: Fresh Orange Summer Salad

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Today’s guest post from Mallory at Mindful with Mal is geared towards anyone looking for an inexpensive and fresh recipe that will be great for your summer meal plans! Let me hear your feedback in the comments! And if you’d like to see more recipes in the future, please let me know! Bon Appetit!


Nothing feels more like summer than fresh ingredients mixed together in a tasty salad. I used to be a little hesitant to add fruit to salad because I didn’t know what dressing would go well with it. Recently, I went over to my sister’s house and she had put oranges in her salad and I LOVED it. I couldn’t believe I had gone so long not adding fresh fruits to a salad. For the next few weeks after that I have done a lot of experimenting and found the perfect mixture of vegetables, fruits, and many other fresh ingredients. This is how the “Fresh Orange Summer Salad” was born.

When I cook I have three necessary goals in mind: healthy, inexpensive, and easy. This salad fits them all! The best part of this salad is that it is less that $.75 per serving! You really can’t beat that. This salad can be a side dish or a main course. I have used it for both as it pairs well with just about any other food. For lunch I like to eat light so I don’t feel sluggish for the rest of the day. The lightness of this salad is perfect as it gives you the energy to get you through the day but doesn’t weigh you down.

Meal planning with easy and inexpensive meals is so important in order to stick to a budget. If I planned meals that required 45 minutes of prep time and long cooking times I would never end up cooking at home. Right before dinner I would talk myself into going out to eat because I didn’t feel like cooking. With this recipe and all recipes that I have created, there isn’t a ton of chopping and work that goes into meals. Yet, they are still healthy, taste good, and leave me feeling great afterwards. Did I mention they are easy on the wallet?

Many people might think, “oh a salad isn’t going to fill me up”, but it surprisingly can! The proteins from the almonds will get you full and carrots can fill you up as well. If you were still a little nervous about being full, adding chicken would be a great flavor to add to this meal as well. You know your body best, so do what is best for you.


Below I have given the breakdown of ingredients and how to make the dressing so you can see just how easy making a healthy meal can be.




– 1 head of iceberg lettuce

– 1 head of romaine lettuce

– ½ diced red onion

– 1 ½ cups sliced almonds (I buy them pre-sliced to save time)

– 1 ½ cups sliced carrots

– 4 oranges diced



 – The juice from TWO oranges (I just hand squeezed them for ease as opposed to using a juicer)

– 2 tbsp. olive oil

– 1 tbsp. fresh cilantro chopped





– Get out one large bowl to put ingredients into.

– Chop iceberg lettuce and romaine lettuce.

– Slice onion

– Slice carrots

– Dice oranges

– Add all ingredients into the large bowl and mix together.



– Add all ingredients to a small bowl and mix together.

– Drizzle dressing onto the salad mix and mix all ingredients together.

– Serve and enjoy.


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Mallory meal plan summer salad

This post is courtesy of Mallory, a lifestyle blogger from Mindful With Mal, who focuses on being mindful in the areas of fashion, fun, food, and frugality. She writes to inspire others to live their best life and to inform readers how they can live better.

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This post may contain affiliate links which help me keep the site running. All opinions and recommendations are 100% mine. I never recommend something I haven't tried and used myself.

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